I'm a graphic artist based in Colombia, with a degree in Graphic Design and Publicity. I started working for several advertising agencies before moving to digital art, and during the last six years I've been working on my skills on digital composition. In my design process I mix any photographic material (stock images, textures, own photos, even painting and 3D elements) to create illustrations from my own perspective, where ethereal environments and surreal characters come to life, bringing with them a pictorial glimpse into a symbolic world, filled with the spiritual, the mystical and the magical. 
Currently I work as a full-time cover designer and I have contributed on projects for several editorials from around the world, such as Random House, Bloomsbury and Scholastic press. 

Advanced Photoshop, UK (Issue 134)
Photoshop Creative, UK (Issues 129, 130)
PsikeArt Magazine, Turkey (May and June issues, 2016)
2Dartist, UK (Issue 123)
Digital Dreams, Russia (Exhibition 2016 at ART BANK, St. Petersburg)
ART OF Magazine, France (Issue 1, Oracom Editions)
Wotisart Magazine, Uk (November 2017)
Fantastic Illustration 4, China (DesignerBooks, 2017)
A5 Magazine, UK (November 2017)
Basic Magazine, US (Issue 7, 2018)
Design Fest (2018, MX)
500 Music art (artbook, LeewiART, CN, 2019)
Wacom Gallery (Behance), Deviantart, Abduzeedo, 3dtotal.com.
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